Fresh polls is best option in Kashmir: BJP

Fresh polls is best option in Kashmir: BJP

Ram Madhav. PTI file photo

Defending the Jammu and Kashmir Governor's decision to dissolve the state Assembly, the BJP has said that the "best option" is to hold fresh Assembly polls at the earliest, dubbing its opponents as a "combination of terror-friendly parties".

Hours after the dissolution of the Assembly, in tweets late on Wednesday night, the BJP said that the proposed alliance between the Congress and the PDP broke up even before it was formed.

"They have taken contradictory positions on dissolution. One supports it and the other opposes it. Keeping the security scenario of J&K in mind, can it afford horse-trading and instability?" it said.

The party went on to say that best option in such a scenario is a fresh election at the earliest as this Assembly cannot produce a stable government.

"Jammu and Kashmir needs a firm administration to deal with terrorism and not a combination of terror-friendly parties," it said.

The BJP has stepped up the rhetoric against the PDP, its erstwhile ally with whom it snapped ties in June leading to the government's fall, as well as the National Conference (NC) and the Congress.

The saffron party has been accusing them as playing to the tunes of Pakistan.

Echoing the BJP's tweets, party General Secretary Ram Madhav also said on Thursday that the PDP and the NC were the parties, which boycotted the local body elections last month on the "instructions from across the border".

"Probably, they had fresh instructions from across the border to come together and form the government. BJP and other parties have managed to do well in local body polls. What they did prompted the Governor to look into the whole issue and take a decision," Madhav said.

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