Govt allows quadricycles for personal use

Govt allows quadricycles for personal use


The Union Road and Transport Ministry has allowed the sale of quadricycles for personal use, paving the way for a new category of vehicles in the entry level.

The ministry has issued a notification by allowing quadricycles to be used for non-transport purpose.

In June this year, the ministry had allowed this vehicle as a new transport category for commercial purposes.

A quadricycle is distinct from regular four-wheelers, but will have four tyres and will be fully covered, like a car. It's engine will be similar to that of a 3-wheeler and will weigh less than 475 kg.

According to ministry officials, the idea to approve quadricycles for personal use was to give another mobility option, especially for the middle class, who wanted to upgrade from their two-wheelers.

However, officials also said such vehicles would not be allowed for transporting cargo or luggage.

One of the first vehicles in this category is Bajaj Auto Limited's Qute RE60. It was unveiled in 2012 but could not be launched as other auto mobiles companies approached the Supreme Court citing safety concerns.

However, the Supreme Court subsequently approved the classification of quadricycles as new vehicle category in India.

As per regulations, vehicles in this segment will have to meet crash protection and emission norms.