Govt turned Kashmir into prison: Kavita Krishnan

Govt turned Kashmir into prison: Kavita Krishnan

Kavita Krishnan, CPI(ML)(Liberation) leader alleged that Jammu and Kashmir has become a prison though the government and media are claiming normalcy post abrogation of Article 370 in the state of the valley.

She was sharing her experience during her visit to Kashmir between August 9 to 13 at a day-long seminar titled "Constitution, Democracy and Jammu and Kashmir'', held on Sunday at Jai Bheem Bhavan.

She said the Kashmiris who spoke to her during her visit to Kashmir, expressed their rage saying that Article 370 was like a marriage contract. Now that India has ended the relationship, "they can only keep us through military force".

She termed the blockade that has been imposed for more than a month as a war against people and a human rights violation. She also decried the discussion about Kashmiri women as commodities.

Former Supreme Court's Judge, Justice V Gopala Gowda stated that the Supreme Court has clarified that Article 370 is a permanent feature of the Constitution, which cannot be unilaterally abrogated. Article 370 was violated in that the mandatory consent of the constitutional assembly was not taken before its amendment. This amounts to a violation of the terms of the Instrument of Accession, which were the conditions upon the Kashmir.

Mohanraj, leader of the Dalita Sangharsha Samiti (Bheemavada) said that the abrogation of Article 370 is a problem not just for Kashmiris. This is an indication of the government’s lack of respect for the Constitution, he added.

Malavika Prasad, an advocate, said that the change of status of Article 370, under a complete communication blockade, is one of the strongest cases of unconstitutionality. She said that the law is not just about justice, it is about power.

Tanveer Ajsi, Arts Professional said that both ‘Constitution’ and ‘Democracy’ as practiced in India have been used as a weapon against Kashmiris by the government and judiciary.
Vimala K S, convenor of Akhila Bharata Janavada Manila Sanghatane, has said in her presidential remarks that, human values are being eroded in the country.