Indians feel least secure while dating online: Study

Indians feel least secure while dating online: Study

People feel most secure ordering food online (63 per cent)

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Indians feel most secure while ordering food online, but least so while online dating, according to a report.

McAfee Corp on Wednesday announced findings from its '2021 Consumer Security Mindset Report', revealing that while the shift to a digital-first life was brought on by the global pandemic, Indian consumers have shown an increased online footprint.

Activities like online banking (68 per cent), financial planning (55), and personal shopping (63) were at the top of the list.

Three out of four people in India (74 per cent) say they are concerned about today's cyber risks, yet one in five (20) respondents admit that they are not confident in their ability to prevent a cyberattack, the report said.

McAfee found that over three quarters (78 per cent) of respondents admitted to being most concerned about their financial data, such as credit card or banking details, being stolen, while 74 per cent were concerned that their personal information, such as birthday or address, could get hacked.

Furthermore, when asked about their perception of risk and security, more than half (58 per cent) indicated that they feel secure while performing online activities.

"Yet, while people feel most secure ordering food online (63 per cent), their perception is the opposite when it comes to online dating, where close to half (42 per cent) feel less secure", the report said.