Kerala sisters lost and found after eight years

Kerala sisters lost and found after eight years

Emotional reunion

Kerala sisters lost and found after eight years

(From left) Aiswarya, Athira and Aswathy.

But when 13-year-old Athira got reunited with her siblings Aswathy and Aiswarya at an orphanage after eight years, it sure was a touching moment indeed.

The scene was the Janaseva Sisubhavan at Aluva in Ernakulam—the girls’ care home. Athira’s father had left her at the rescue home only a day ago, unable to take care of her.
Aswathy and Aiswarya were entrusted with the Sisubhavan three years ago by their mother Usha who disappeared after that.

“When she introduced herself to the other inmates, she described her parents, three sisters and brother. She said she was the second child and her elder sister was Aswathy.

She also had two more sisters, Aiswarya and Aswini, and brother Harshan,’’ said Jose Maveli, chairman of Sisubhavan, describing the reunion to Deccan Herald. “That was when 14-year-old Aswathy who was among the listeners realised that she was her long-lost sister,’’ said Latha, PRO of the rescue home.

The reunion was touching as both were in tears. Later, Aiswarya, 10, who studies in a convent school, also came to know of it and rushed in. “All three girls were crying, kissing and embracing each other. We ourselves couldn’t hold back our tears,’’ Latha said.

It was eight years ago that the children’s parents, Harish and Usha, who hail from Anchal in Kollam district split after a quarrel.

“Usha left the house taking with her four children who were at home at that time. Unfortunately, Athira was at her aunt’s house and she was left to fend for herself.

Initially, Harish took her to a rescue home in Pathanapuram from where she began to go to school. However, a  respiratory disease prompted her to discontinue it and she returned to her father who sent her to work at a cashew factory. 

“A week ago, the factory owner said she was too young to continue work and that it would attract trouble for him. That was how Athira came here,” said Maveli.

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