Cong's Kerala campaigning begins on a bad note

Congress mouthpiece offers 'condolences' for party's election tour in Kerala

Vernacular mouthpiece 'Veekshanam' interchanged the Malayalam word 'Ashamsakal' (greetings) with 'Adaranjalikal' (condolences)

Credit: AFP Photo

Congress' state-wide election tour in Kerala to kick off campaigning for the upcoming Assembly elections, began with embarrassment as the party's regional mouthpiece offered 'condolences' instead of greetings.

In a special supplement brought out on Sunday by the party vernacular mouthpiece 'Veekshanam', the Malayalam word 'Ashamsakal' (greetings) has been wrongly given as 'Adaranjalikal' (condolences).

Kerala's Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala from the northern district of Kasargod led the march. It began on Sunday afternoon with former Chief Minister Oommen Chand flagging off.

Even as Chennithala tried to tone it down as oversight of the staff, the goof-up assumed significance as there were rumours that Chennithala was being sidelined in the party as Oommen Chandy was making a reentry at the helm of the party.

Congress sources said the staffer who made the glaring mistake would face severe action.

Meanwhile, all major political parties are kicking off their election campaigns. BJP state president K Surendran already announced a tour from February 20. Left Democratic Front has also announced tours by party leaders by mid-February.