No question of TRS merging with Congress: KCR

No question of TRS merging with Congress: KCR

"TRS is not a cinema party (like Praja Rajyam). We are a very strong party. Leaders and workers from other parties are joining TRS like a flood. TRS is born to achieve separate Telangana. If such proposals are made without realising separate Telangana, it would be stupid. This is joke of the year," he said.

Asked if he would merge TRS with Congress if it promised separate Telangana, he said no such proposal has come and that the question was hypothetical.

He was asked about comments of Congress Rajya Sabha member K Keshav Rao that TRS would also merge with Congress like Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam.

The TRS chief said he planned to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi ahead of the Budget session of Parliament to appeal to them for introducing a bill for the formation of separate Telangana.

Asked about the merger of Praja Rajyam with Congress, he said he is happy about that as a party that opposed the cause of separate Telangana was now gone.

"Till the other day, Chiranjeevi stood for united Andhra Pradesh. But now, he himself said he will abide by the decision of the high command and Centre," Rao said.