Debarred from playing PUBG; boy commits suicide

Debarred from playing PUBG; boy commits suicide

A teenage in Haryana's Jind district committed suicide after his mother purportedly scolded him for playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the police said on Monday. 

The boy, who was addicted to the online multiplayer battle zone game, felt offended after his mother took away his mobile phone which he used for playing PUBG.

The next morning, the 17-year old boy was found hanging in his room. No formal complaint has been made so far. The police, however, said they were investigating the matter. 

The boy’s father is a police constable. The boy had quit studies after his class X examination.

The family said, after the boy gave up studies, he had ample time at his disposal and got addicted to the game. The family said they would invariably reprimand him so that he could give up his addiction for the game.

That to no avail, the parents lost the son forever.