Delhi top cop revises duties for some police officers

Delhi Police Inspector (Anti-Terrorist Operations) redesignated as Inspector (Law and Order)

According to the police, the order exemplifies the need for a focussed approach to crime, investigation and law and order

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana. Credit: PTI File Photo

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana has issued an order redesignating the Inspector (Anti-Terrorist Operations) as Inspector (Law and Order) to ensure segregation of investigation duties from those related to law and order.

According to the police, the order exemplifies the need for a focussed approach to crime, investigation and law and order and is an indicative categorisation of the professional charter of the Station House Officer (SHO), Inspector (Investigation) and Inspector (Law and order) with the overall aim of enhancing specialisation and professionalism.

According to the order issued by Asthana on Friday, the SHO being the Chief Investigating Officer is mandated as 'officer-in-charge' for the purpose of the sections 154 Cr.PC to 173 Cr.PC and he shall be responsible for supervising the work and conduct of the Inspector (Law and Order) and the Inspector (Investigation).

"The standing order however not meant to be watertight compartmentalisation and discretion vests with the DCP/District to assign any other duty given the dynamic field situations albeit with reasonable justification and due deliberation and in consultation with the senior formations," the police said.

In addition to his work, the SHO himself will look after the work of the Inspector (Investigation) or Inspector (Law and order) if either of them has not been posted for a while or is on leave, it said.

Listing the duties of the SHO, the order stated, "SHO will have to visit the spot in all special report cases, ensure quality investigation and timely filing of the charge sheet. He will have to ensure targeted disposal of pending cases in coordination with Inspector (Investigation)."

All FIRs will have to be registered with the prior approval of the SHO and all arrests will also be affected with the concurrence of the SHO and additional responsibility given to the Inspector (Investigation) shall not dilute the responsibilities of the SHO, it said.

All CPCR (Central Police Control Room) calls shall be closely monitored by the SHO who should ensure that prompt action is taken on calls and no pendency is kept without valid justification.

"He shall ensure scientific and optimal deployment of manpower and keep a vigilant eye on the overall performance of division and beat staff. He shall ensure proper rotation of staff and endeavour to provide equal opportunities for duty to all concerned," the order mentioned.

He shall be the administrative logistics in charge and should ensure that MPVS do not leave their beat area without proper justification and remain "on road" at all times, it said.

"If the MPVS (Mobile Patrol Van Staff) are deployed for any VIP route or major law and order, SHO must ensure that they are suitably diverted and the resultant lacuna in the beat, deftly managed to avoid any delays in PCR calls response time," Asthana stated in his order.

"The SHO will also ensure availability of funds for investigation, law and order expenses from the imprest fund to be provided by the DCP and to ensure quick reimbursement of the same both to the officers and from the DCP," the order said.

The SHO will be responsible for the updation and maintenance of all the police station records and shall also be the social media cell in charge at the level of the police station to ensure timely projection of good work for constructive image building, it said.

The Inspector (Investigation) and the SHO are responsible for ensuring legality, quality and speed of investigation of all cases of the police station.

According to the order, the Inspector (Investigation) shall also deal with all court matters concerning investigation and appeal, including an appearance before courts, where the SHO has not specifically been called to appear.

He shall liaise with all agencies critically related to the investigation such as hospitals, courts, FSL, and prosecution branch and should also ensure equal distribution of cases amongst the investigation teams and be responsible for all summons and warrants and their execution, it said.

According to the order, the focus of the Inspector (Investigation) would primarily be monitoring the investigation of cases and he shall not be put to any other duty without the express order of the ACP while the Inspector (Law and Order) is solely responsible for maintenance of the place, public tranquillity and law and order in the area of the police station, under the supervision of SHO.

"Inspector (Law and Order) shall oversee the successful implementation of 'eyes and ears' scheme and also supervise all police parties on preventive duty, and ensure timely collection of intelligence of all kinds relevant to police functioning," it said.

"He must ensure proper maintenance of dossiers pertaining to bad characters of the area with a Law and Order implication among many other duties assigned to him," it added.

According to the order, the officers and staff posted in Law & Order, Investigation and Administrative Wings of the police station will be rotated in a professional manner. 

"It is the sole responsibility of the district DCP to ensure this rotation, in consultation with the senior reporting formations... No staff shall remain posted in the same wing for more than three years," it said.

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