'Judiciary to evolve principles to deal with terrorism'

Judiciary to evolve principles to deal with terrorism: Justice N V Ramana

Justice N V Ramana.

Justice N V Ramana, next in line to become the Chief Justice of India, on Saturday said that terrorism was one of the main issues which had affected every part of the world and had no end in sight.

He said terrorism, cyber crime, environmental degradation and health problems were the major issues plaguing the world including the Indian subcontinent and the judiciary needs to respond to them by evolving innovative principles in line with the rule of law.

Speaking in international judges conference, he said globalisation demanded the rule of law and a requirement for stronger trust between nations with increase in cross-border dealings, movement of citizens, goods and investment.

"This trust can be built by creating institutions with strong emphasis on the rule of law which creates a secure environment," Justice Ramana said.