Railway commuters died due to heat, confirms autopsy

Railway commuters died due to heat, confirms autopsy

A man offers drinking water to a train passenger at a railway station on a hot day in Patiala on May 28, 2019. PTI

The autopsy reports of four senior citizens, who died while travelling from Agra to Coimbatore on the Kerala Express on Tuesday, confirmed that heat stroke was the cause of death.

The bodies of the deceased, who are from different parts of Tamil Nadu, have been sent from Jhansi to Coimbatore after post-mortem, said the railway officials here on Wednesday.

Of the 68-member group of travellers boarded Kerala Express train at Agra Cantonment Railway Station on Sunday on their way to Coimbatore after visiting Varanasi and Agra.

Railway officials confirmed that due to intense heat, four passengers had breathing problems, and collapsed in the train. By the time the train reached Jhansi station, three died and one expired at hospital.

Due to intense heat, the temperature has been hovering around 45º celsius in most parts of North India, while in some places it crossed 50º celsius for the past few days. However, the temperature came down in parts of north India on Wednesday due to light rain and dust storm.