Offering for Jacko's soul in Kerala

Offering for Jacko's soul in Kerala

Americans perform bali

The trio, George Louis Evan, and two women Kylie Webster and  Anne Mary Muloy performed the offering at the Navamukunda temple at Thirunavaya, Malappuram, at 5.30 am on Monday as per Hindu tradition.

In fact, Evan who is a model based in Florida introduced himself as a friend of the pop king. Priests at the temple said the two women were directors of an ashram run by Indian guru Sivababa in Santiago who advised them to make the offering.

Ghost theory

It is believed that the offering may have had something to do with the reported sighting of the ghost of the pop legend at his Neverland ranch. An eerie shadow resembling Jackson’s figure appeared on a wall in the singer’s former home during a live television programme in early July.

Hindus believe that the souls of dead people attain moksha (salvation) when bali is offered.

Since the bali could be done only by Hindus, the trio produced certificates from the Arya Samajam in Kozhikode adopting Hindu names. According to temple priest V M Gopakumar Elayath who guided the trio, Evan became Ganesha while Webster introduced herself as Gayatri and Anne as Meera. Evan, a model based in Santiago, claimed he was a friend of MJ.

 According to tradition, a variety of herbs and rice were used for the bali offering. They included darbha (a type of long grass), pavithram (ring made of darbha grass), ellu (sesame), cheroola (a special herb), cooked rice, water and banana leaves.
The bali ritual done on a banana leaf with prayers was finally taken to the river Nila (Bharatappuzha) where the trio took dips in the water along with the offering. The offering is then left in the water.

Gopakumar said that though the offering was made only to one’s close relatives, the temple authorities agreed to guide them only because they were convinced that the trio was quite keen and persuasive. Two special pujas Thilahomam and Sayoojyapuja were also conducted in the name of the pop king at the temple. The three of them later visited temples at Thriprangad, Alathiyoor and Kadambuzha to offer prayers.

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