Pained by Tej Pratap’s tantrums, Rabri to skip Chhath

Pained by Tej Pratap’s tantrums, Rabri to skip Chhath

Rabri Devi. File photo

The much-revered four-day Chhath festival began in Bihar with the ritual of ‘Nahay-kha’ (bathing in the river before preparing a meal) on Sunday. But there was an air of despondency at former Chief Minister Rabri Devi’s residence as she decided not to celebrate Chhath this year.

Her residence used to reverberate with enthusiasm as her seven daughters, along with their families, would join Rabri in paying obeisance to Sun God. Her official residence – 10, Circular Road, would remain open for leaders of all hues to come and participate in the auspicious festival.

But Rabri, miffed with her elder son Tej Pratap’s insistence of not returning home till her parents agree with him in seeking a divorce from his wife Aishwarya, has decided not to observe Chhath.

Tej, who is touring Varanasi and Mathura, has said in UP that he won’t return to Bihar till his family members support him in seeking the divorce, which is slated to be heard in the family court here on November 29.


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Family sources said that efforts were made to persuade Tej Pratap, a former Health Minister in previous Nitish Cabinet, not to rock his marital boat. But the efforts failed to cut much ice. An embarrassed Rabri then called off her plan to celebrate Chhath till she puts her house in order.

“Rabri Devi is actually not well. Hence she is not observing Chhath. Not much should be read into her change of plan,” said one of her key aides and RJD legislator Bhola Yadav.

Elsewhere in Bihar, the four-day ritual of Chhath began with ‘Nahay-kha’ on Sunday. This will be followed by ‘Kharna’ (where Kheer is prepared the second day) on Monday. On Tuesday, lakhs of devotees would offer ‘arghya’ (obeisance) to Sun God during sunset and then again offer arghya on Wednesday morning during Sunrise.