Recall Rafale verdict: Cong to SC

Recall Rafale verdict: Cong to SC

Congress leader Anand Sharma. PTI

Stepping up the attack on Rafale issue, the Congress on Sunday urged Supreme Court to recall its Rafale judgement and take action against the Centre for contempt of court and perjury.

It claimed that the Centre has provided false information to the court.

Addressing a press conference, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said that what has happened is "unprecedented" and the government's petition seeking changes in the judgement "adds insult to injury". 

"What the government is seeking to do, instead of apologising to the Supreme Court for having committed perjury and contempt of the court, it has heaped further insult on the Supreme Court by telling the Chief Justice and his fellow judges that they do not understand the English language," Sharma said.

He said that the government was guilty of committing breach of privilege of Parliament by claiming that the CAG report on Rafale aircraft pricing had been presented to the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.

"First time we have such a situation. The government first communicated false facts to the Supreme Court to mislead the court to get a manipulated judgment. Then tells the court when glaring error comes to the notice of everyone, that no, you have not understood English," he said.

"We demand that the Supreme Court immediately recall that judgment which is void. It would be in the interest of the dignity of the Supreme Court to do so, because this entire episode has dented the dignity of the highest court which cannot be allowed. It is important that the Supreme Court issues a notice of perjury to the government and the concerned officials and the law officers. The Supreme Court must also issue contempt notice to the government," he said.

Sharma claimed there is no ground for the apex court to even consider the government's petition seeking to correct the judgment.

The government's conduct and its credentials are certainly "under dark shadow", he added.

He said that the Congress has been of this consistent view that the Supreme Court is not the right forum to investigate the issues related to the Rafale deal.