Share your DNA report: Angry Kushwaha tells Nitish

Share your DNA report: Angry Kushwaha tells Nitish

Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha

Three years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s DNA at a political rally during the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections, Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha too has hit Nitish on the same issue.

“During 2015 polls, Prime Minister Modi had questioned your DNA. You took it personally and decided to send the samples. It’s three years now. The report must have come by now. Share your DNA report,” a visibly angry Kushwaha told Nitish at a rally in Muzaffarpur.

Kushwaha, who has a running feud with Nitish, was apparently miffed with the Bihar Chief Minister after the JD (U) strongman refused to join issues with the Union Minister. “I don’t want to stoop to low level. Neither I want the public discourse to be ‘brought down’, nor is it necessary for me to react on all the issues,” said Nitish when asked whether he ever told Kushwaha that he would relinquish Bihar CM’s chair after 2020.

Last week, Kushwaha had stunned everyone when he made the disclosure that Nitish had once told him that he would give up chief-ministership after 2020.

Nitish’s aides attacked the Union minister fiercely when they told Kushwaha that “CM’s chair was not ‘rasogulla’ or muton rice where you can satiate your desire after eating it.”

Piqued at the stand of Nitish and his aides, Kushwaha hit back at the Bihar CM. “You have said I am not worthy of comment. By saying this, you have relegated me to a lowly position, while keeping yourself at high pedestal. Is this the way an elder brother (Nitish) treats his younger brother (Kushwaha),” said the Union Minister for State for HRD.

The relationship between Kushwaha and Nitish soured further ever since BJP chief Amit Shah said last month that BJP and JD (U) would enter into a 50:50 formula for the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar, leaving little room for the other smaller allies.