Elderly couple chase away thieves

Elderly couple chase away thieves

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Age is just a number. An elderly couple proved this adage yet again by chasing away thieves who sneaked into their farmhouse in Tirunelveli district on Sunday.

Shanmugavel (70) and Senthamarai (65) showed exemplary courage by using chairs and other furniture at their residence to chase away the thieves who were armed with sickles. CCTV footages show
Shanmugavel sitting at a table at the entrance of his house looking at his mobile phone when a masked robber sneaks into the house and tries to strangle him.

At this time, Senthamarai enters the scene and tries to chase away the robbers, who are two in number by that time, by using plastic chairs and tables. Shanmugavel too joins Senthamarai in fighting the two masked men who finally beat a hasty retreat from the farmhouse.

The video of the couple displaying immense courage has gone viral on social media. “I am a brave woman always. I came out of the house when one of the thieves were trying to strangle my husband. I started throwing furniture at them, my husband too joined me and chased them away,” she said.