FIR against Hyderabad family for starving pet to death

The dog, tied and left in the apartment balcony died due to starvation.

Humane Society International has filed a first information report against a family in Sanath Nagar in Hyderabad for killing their dog after leaving the animal unattended in their apartment balcony for nine days.

The dog died due to possible starvation in the absence of the family who were reportedly on a holiday.
The case came into light on social media when residents of the building complained about the dog being in an unconscious state. HIS-India consultant, Teja Panneru then visited the scene with police. The neighbours added that the family was given notice on the ill-treatment of the dog and had been asked to ensure that the dog was taken care of and provided with food and water.
The police registered an FIR on 21 November, five days after the case was brought to the public’s notice and went viral. Teja Panneru, the complainant said; “This case is a grim reminder of the lack of pet ownership in the country today. The GHMC should ensure that when licenses are being handed out for pets, the licensing system involved response pet ownership. This is the issue when animals are sold and bought like commodities. We hope that the police will take this case forward and ensure that the perpetrators are punished.”
HIS-India in its statement has said that it offers rewards in animal cruelty cases across the country with an aim to strengthen the implementation of laws against animal cruelty.

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