Minister's Crysta tyre remark may prompt Toyota reply

Minister's Crysta tyre remark may prompt Toyota reply

Kerala Power Minister M M Mani

A Kerala minister has triggered a discussion in the social media on the 'poor' tyre life of Toyota Innova Crysta as the minster justified the 34 tyre changes of his vehicle in around two years is owing to the poor tyre life of Crysta. With many even tagging Toyota India to the discussions and raising serious anxiety, a clarification from the Japanese automobile maker could not be even ruled out.

Kerala Power Minister M M Mani was being widely trolled in the social media over the last couple of days after an RTI reply stated that tyres of the minster's Innova Crysta were changed 34 times in around two years.

Mani, who often used to react to such allegations in his rustic-style comments, however, seemed to be more serious this time as he came up with an explanation on the social media that the poor tyre mileage of Toyota Innova Crysta was the reason for the 34 tyre changes. He claimed that the normal tyre life of Toyota Innova Crysta was only around 20,000 km. For his vehicle, which did around 1.25 lakh kilometres, the tyre life was only 14,597 km as he had to frequently travel to his constituency and home town in the high-ranges of Idukki district.

However, this seems to have given a fresh twist to the social media trolling as many posted concerns on Toyota India's social media page on the low tyre life of one of most sought after vehicle. One user even said that a group of 30 friends including him, was planning to buy 30 Innova Crysta. But they were now rethinking it as a Kerala minister himself stated that the vehicle was having poor tyre life. It was also learnt that Toyota India already sent personal messages to those who raised concerns by expressing regrets and assuring to look into the matter.

The social media was flooded with comments against the minister with some even quipping that the minister was trying to revive the rubber sector, while some suggested that metal tyres be provided to the minister to Kerala exchequer.

What caused more embarrassment to the minister was the tyre changes of his Cabinet colleagues and even the Chief Minister was much low.