Seven more bodies recovered in Kerala

Seven more bodies recovered in Kerala

Volunteers, local residents, fire force officials and members of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) search for survivors following landslides at Puthumala village in Kerala's Wayanad district on August 14, 2019. (Photo by STR / AFP)

Six more bodies were recovered on Sunday from Kavalapara in Malappuram district of North Kerala, where a landslide occurred on August 8.

One body was also recovered from Puthumala in Wayanad, where a landslide occurred the same day.

Revenue department sources said that about 13 more persons were still missing at Kavalapara, where the total death toll has reached 46. Experts from the National Geophysical Research Institute in Hyderabad reached Malappuram to check the possibility of tracing any missing bodies with ground-penetrating radar system.

At Puthumala, six more persons were still reported missing. One body was recovered after a gap of about six days. Ten bodies were earlier recovered from the spot. The body recovered on Sunday was spotted one km away from the landslide spot.

The total death toll in this monsoon calamities in Kerala from August 8 now stands at around 120. About 80,000 people were still residing at over 500 relief camps across the state. As many as 1204 houses were fully damaged and 12,877 partially damaged. The maximum damages were at Wayanad, where 535 houses were fully damaged and 5,435 partially damaged.