The Lead: The BJP's jugalbandi

The Lead: The BJP's jugalbandi

Representative image. Credit: Reuters Photo

Hi and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio, in today's episode, DH's Sagar Kulkarni speak to author Vinay Sitapati about the latter's latest book Jugalbandi: The BJP Before Modi.

Sagar Kulkarni: Why this book Jugalbandi?

Vinay Sitapati: Well I felt that India has changed and Indian politics has changed very rapidly for a lot of people and Modi's India seems so dominant. Really, the argument of the book is that it's taken 100 years to create Narendra Modi. To understand politics, today's changing India and society is a 100-year project that begins in the 1920s, when Savarkar writes his famous essay 'the essence of Hindutva'...

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