Uttar Pradesh: Holi celebrations in Nirbhaya's village

Uttar Pradesh: Holi celebrations in Nirbhaya's village

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Holi was celebrated again with greater fervour, at Nirbhaya's village in Uttar Pradesh's Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh, after the hanging of the four convicts at Tihar jail in Delhi at the dawn of Friday.

Almost all residents, including the old, young and women of the village, which is not very far from the district headquarters, came out of their homes immediately after the hanging and shouted in joy and hugged each other. Many of the residents did not sleep and remained awake until the hanging, reports said.

The residents said that they had been waiting for this day for a long time. "Though there was unnecessary delay in the hanging our daughter finally got justice... her soul will now rest in peace in the real sense," said an old resident of the village.

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The residents said that many of them had remained glued to the TV sets for news on the hanging. "We will sleep comfortably today," remarked another resident.

A girl from the village said that the hanging would send a strong message to society and would go a long way in ensuring the safety of the women. "We are feeling safer today... those who commit such a heinous crime, deserve to be hanged," she said.

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The youngsters had stocked 'abir and gulal' (dry colours) and were seen applying the same on the foreheads of the elders and others. "Though we had celebrated Holi a few days back, the fervour was missing... for us, it's the real Holi today," said a youth from the village.

According to reports, similar celebrations took place in the other villages in the district as well.

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