A society full of contradictions

A society full of contradictions


We live in a contradictory world where on one hand some people show a lot of interest in building a value-based society and they talk of strengthening the value-system. So, there is a section of people who talk of moral development or what is called human resource development. On the other hand, there are people who talk of scientific and technological development, economic development or rural development.

The paradigm that these people have is more or less often in serious contradiction to the norms of moral development. Not only that, scientific and technological development or economic and industrial development is often in clash with other parameters of development. For example, industrial development aims at producing and marketing more and more cars, scooters, jeeps, trucks, etc. and such other things without caring as to what effect it will have on the environment, the health of the people and their habits and lifestyles etc.

However, they don’t realize that a large addition of motor vehicles every year would also add to the smoke that is hazardous for the people and it would badly affect the health of the people. Similarly, those people who are concerned with social welfare, open more charitable hospitals and add more beds without caring as to why more and more diseases are spreading and the number of patients visiting hospitals, is increasing. Again, the cities are now expanding and the villages are being transformed into cities. As a result, the agricultural fields are being converted into residential, commercial or industrial buildings. This also is called development. 

People think that a country which has many hospitals, courts, industries, etc. is a developed country. They hardly realise that a developed country in real terms is one where people commit very little or no crime and where a very large number of people are healthy. So, there is a need for a proper paradigm in which the constituting elements are not in conflict with one another. Hence, humankind now needs a model that is simple, inspiring, uplifting, natural and without any inner conflicts or contradiction. It is the model of a value-based society in which all kind of development is at its peak and is in harmony with development of other aspects.