Fivefold formula for success

Fivefold formula for success

Which of us would not like to succeed and enjoy name, fame, money and the status that comes along with it? The desire is but only natural and perfectly legitimate as long as we do not swerve from the path of truth and take to undesirable methods to achieve our goals. True, it is a tough proposition, and sometimes it becomes very tempting for us to take up shortcuts to success. If we are under the impression that the said syndrome is the weakness of the human race alone, we must stand corrected.

The Markandeya Purana records a discord among the Trinities on this count. Once it so happened that Maha Vishnu and Brahma got into an unexpected argument. Each of them felt he was superior to the other. Shiva who was a witness to this altercation offered to find a solution to this issue.

Accordingly, he metamorphosed into a linear flame and instructed the two discontented Gods to find his beginning and the end. Brahma turned himself into a swan and flew upwards. Maha Vishnu bored into the bowels of the earth in the form of a tusked boar. Though both of them began zealously in right earnest, they were unable to reach their destination. After a considerable amount of effort and time, the two of them returned. Brahma said that he had seen the tip of the Shiva Linga and handed over a Ketaki flower to Lord Shiva saying that he found it on top of the Linga. Maha Vishnu gracefully conceded that he could not fulfil his task.

Even as Brahma braced himself to be accolades for his achievement, Lord Shiva pronounced a curse on the creator saying that he will not be included for idol worship on earth. He also vowed that he would not accept the Ketaki flower in his worship.

This tale holds a five-fold message that can be guiding forces to help us lead a successful life. We must steer clear of the one-upmanship game. Honesty is the best policy. There is no shame in accepting our shortcomings or failure.

Faked success can burst like a bubble at any time and damage our self-esteem and our image forever. The expanse of any subject is infinite like the supreme soul Shiva; we can explore it to the best of our ability but never gain complete access over it