Love is all we need

Love is all we need

In a constantly evolving world, if there is something that has remained constant over centuries and millennia, it is the belief man has vested in love.

“If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved,” Shakespeare rightly wrote in
Sonnet 116, proclaiming his creed in this eternal human emotion. Scores of other poets and philosophers maintain the same view swearing on love and its priceless value.

In this troubled world of ours it is certainly true then that love is all we need. With this conviction I sat one evening musing, looking admirably at the splash of golden crimson with which the setting sun was caressing the courtyard in my house. The butterfly-couple flitting around with their careless whispers seemed to nod their heads in unison. The bumblebee close by with its noisy buzz was a bit more aggressive in showing its agreement as it hovered around humming a love tune.

The leaves of the croton rustled harmoniously to the evening breeze blowing across the garden and romanced to its rhythm. The happy song of the feathered friend in the vicinity calling out to its mate joined me in endorsing that love is omnipresent and gracing the universe.

In an instant the supremacy in this powerful four-letter word that grips and moves the world charmed on me. I realised all at once what love can actually do for us, mortals. It can multiply our joys many fold as we have a beloved to share it with. It can divide our sorrows as we bear them together with our loved one. It can undoubtedly fortify us even against life’s turmoil and adversity as it sets us free from insecurities and jealousies.

With it we can blossom and become involved with life in ways we dared not attempt alone. As Thomas Merton, an American Trappist monk said, “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life alone. We find it with another.”

And what could be better, this love is not just reserved for romance and dance. It can go beyond the frills of candle light dinners and sensual pleasures. It can exist even where there are no roses, chocolates, diamonds and gifts. It can embrace all of humanity with the same tenderness that God nurtures for all of his creations. For, love is also present in true friendships and genuine relationships.

And though it cannot be completely comprehended, it should not be kept to ourselves. It must be given and shared, honoured and celebrated ceaselessly, just as it is done on Valentine’s Day.