Musical perfection

Musical perfection

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I had to visit the bank to arrange for fund transfer. Usually, my brother accompanies me on such missions to ensure my safety and to help me complete the formalities. On this particular day, I ventured out on my own. I thought I had collected all that I might need to complete the transaction. I also had to decide if I should take an auto on my own or seek use of family transport. Decision-making took its toll, for I recalled halfway on the way, that I had inadvertently left my glasses and the pen at home. Rather than turn back, I thought borrowing a pen from someone in the bank would pose no problem.

On reaching the bank, I got out of the auto, but I needed assistance in climbing over the kerb, which was rather high. Looking around, I found a group of youngsters waiting on the pavement. I called out to the one closest to me, but she didn’t respond. But another girl, though at a distance, noticed that I was seeking help. She came over immediately and helped me over the kerb, assisted me in reaching the interior of the bank and had me seated comfortably. Her name was Trishali. 

Trishali got the necessary forms for money transfer. Even without my glasses on, I could read the various columns and provide her the required data. At times, I had to use my mobile phone to contact the beneficiary for some details. The repeated calls depleted energy on my mobile. I thought I was done, but the bank staff pointed out some lacunae. So it was back to Trishali to make good the deficiencies. On receiving the challan, which had to be sent to the beneficiary immediately, I found I was handicapped since I didn’t have WhatsApp on my phone. Trishali obligingly sent the challan from her phone. I had to use her phone again to let the beneficiary know that the challan was on its way. With the ‘mission accomplished,’ it was time for me to leave. Trishali most willingly accompanied me, first to get my passbook updated at the ATM kiosk, and then to hail an auto to take me home.

Emerson says, “Underneath all the inharmonious and insignificant details, there is a musical perfection.” Not waiting for my brother to accompany me and my leaving behind the glasses and the pen were insignificant details, the minor irritants of everyday living.

But it was these mundane details that enabled my meeting with Trishali, a trainee at the bank. She was a resident of Nagpur, it was her first visit to the bank which she didn’t have to visit again for several weeks.

The very purpose of my bank visit would have been defeated but for the divine intervention that brought Trishali’s helping hands towards me, a musical perfection.

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