Public campaign for ULB election ends

Public campaign for ULB election ends

The campaign for the election to three urban local bodies (ULBs) - Ullal and Puttur City Municipal Councils (CMCs) and Bantwal Town Municipal Council (TMC) - ended on Wednesday morning.

A total of 250 candidates are in the fray for three ULBs which will go to polls on August 31.

Ullal CMC

The Ullal CMC has 31 wards with 44,273 voters while Puttur CMC has 39,532 voters in 31 wards and Bantwal TMC has 27 wards with 33,640 voters.

Ullal CMC was formed in 2014 after the upgradation of the local TMC. As a result, four wards have been added. Congress is contesting from all the 31 wards while BJP has fielded candidates in 24 wards, JD(S)—21 wards, SDPI—9, CPM—5 and independents —12. In all, 102 candidates are in the fray. Ullal has been a Congress bastion for the last 30 years. In the previous term of the TMC, the Congress had 17 seats, BJP—7, SDPI—1 and Independents—2. Interestingly, a couple from BJP is contesting in Ullal. From second Kodi ward, Ashiya is contesting while her husband Mohammed Nusrath Haq is contesting from third ward Kodi Thota.

In Bantwal TMC, four wards have been increased. During the last term, the TMC had 23 wards, which has now been increased to 27 wards. BJP is contesting from all the 27 wards while Congress has fielded its candidates from 25 wards and has supported CPI and JD(S) candidate in two wards.

SDPI has fielded candidates from 12 wards, JD(S)—5, independent—1. On a whole, 71 candidates are in tthe he fray.

During the previous tenure, Congress had a majority with 13 members.

Puttur TMC was formed in 1973 by upgrading the Town Panchayat and the CMC was formed in 2015. After the formation of the CMC, the poll is being held for the first time. Four wards have been increased with the ugradation of TMC to CMC.

A total of 77 candidates are in the fray with BJP and Congress fielding its candidates from all the 31 wards, JD(S)—9, SDPI—3, Independents—2 and BSP—1.

In the previous term, BJP had a majority. But the Congress members as the CMC presidents due to reservation and rebellion from the Congress.

According to a direction of the Election Commission, indelible ink will be applied on right-hand thumb finger in Puttur, Ullal and Bantwal ULB limits, Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil said.

For the first time, hypersensitive EVMs are being used in the ULB polls in Karnataka. A total of 145 control units and 145 ballot units will be utilised. Even NOTA option is given for the voters. For the first time, 50% of the seats are reserved for women candidates.

There are 43 polling booths in Ullal CMC, of which 18 are hypersensitive and  11 are sensitive booths. There are 41 booths in Puttur, of which 27 are hypersensitive and 14 are general booths. Bantwal has 32 booths, of which 18 are hypersensitive and 14 are sensitive booths.

The counting of votes will be held at Bharath High School in Ullal, Taluk office in Puttur and Taluk office in Bantwal, on September 3.