‘Reason/Vivek’ to be screened today

‘Reason/Vivek’ to be screened today

Renowned activist and filmmaker Anand Patwardhan, who is known for his insightful, hard-hitting documentaries, will screen and facilitate a discussion of his documentary ‘Reason/Vivek’ at St Aloysius College on March 10.

‘Reason/Vivek’, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, has been receiving much attention for its analysis of the tumultuous changes enveloping the nation coinciding with the rise of ultra-nationalist and militant right-wing forces in India. The documentary also won the best feature-length documentary at the 31st International Documentary Film Festival organised in Amsterdam, in November 2018.

The 261-minute, eight-chapter narrative discusses burning issues like the death of leading rationalists and thinkers, radical organisations and their methods, upper caste resistance to Dalit activism, evils of manual scavenging incidents in institutions like Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Hyderabad and the University of Allahabad.

The intention of the PG Dept of Journalism and Mass Communication, St Aloysius College is to create awareness against violence and extremism.

“At a time of rising fundamentalist violence against minorities and Dalits, we feel this opportunity to view a film documenting these atrocities and discussing them with the filmmaker is a need to raise awareness in youth,” Head of Journalism and Mass Communication department Melwyn Pinto said.

Part 1 to 5 of the documentary will be screened from 11.30 am to 1.45 pm. Part 6 to 8 of the documentary will be screened from 2.15 pm to 4 pm. Then the discussion follows.