Resort owners start campaign to attract tourists

Resort owners start campaign to attract tourists

A view of the deserted Raja Seat in Madikeri.

With landslides and flash floods causing extensive damage in Kodagu district and affecting the tourism sector, the district hotel, resort and homestay owners association have initiated a campaign to promote tourism in the district. 

The campaign “Kodagu is back” has been initiated and the recorded messages in 30 languages will be posted on social media. 

Speaking to reporters, Association President D R Nagendra Prasad said the entry of tourists to the district was prohibited after the landslides in the month of August. Even after the district administration withdrew its order on restrictions on tourists, the tourism industry did not recover.

“Fearing that entire Kodagu has washed away in floods, the tourists are not turning towards the district. All the tourist spots in the district are safe. The tourists will not face any difficulties in the district,” he explained. 

Stating that over 20,000 people are dependent on the tourism sector for livelihood, he said these men have not had work for the last two months. The labourers have returned to their native. The shopkeepers, jeep and auto drivers are in distress without a job.

Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, scion of the erstwhile royal family, who is the tourism ambassador for Mysuru region will visit Kodagu after Dasara celebrations, he added. 

He appealed to the tourists not to visit the rain-affected areas as the areas are still not out of danger.  

Association Honorary Advisor Chidwilas said that false information on illegal activities affecting nature in the district is spread. Resort and homestay culture has not affected the nature in the district, he clarified. 

He said the government should promote tourism in Kodagu during Mysuru Dasara celebrations. Tourism Minister Sa Ra Mahesh should convene a meeting of tour operators in Bengaluru and impress on them the reality in Kodagu. There is a need to take up a publicity campaign in all the theatres in the state to attract tourists to Kodagu. 

He appealed to the Tourism Department to announce a special package to Kodagu. Posters should be pasted on KSRTC buses to attract tourists to Kodagu district, Chidwilas added.