Singer's video on fish delicacies goes viral

Singer's video on fish delicacies goes viral

The video grab of Shankar Mahadevan outside Hotel Narayana in Mangaluru.

The video of playback singer Shankar Mahadevan praising the mouth-watering sea food delicacies dished out at Hotel Narayana in Bunder, in the city, has gone viral on social media.

Mahadevan, who had come to take part in Alva’s Virasat, had visited the hotel with 10 to 12 guests on Sunday. During his visit, he had savoured Seer and Pomfret fish fry.

In the video, posted by him on Instagram, he declares, “If you ever get a chance to come to Mangaluru, you should have food in this hotel. The sea food dishes served here are very tasty, that you are not likely to find it in anywhere in the world.”

The hotel for years has a loyal following and their seer, pompfret, mackarel, prawn and other fish fry sell like hot cakes.