Specially abled child chained at home

Specially abled child chained at home

Yet another instance of parents chaining their specially abled child in inhumane conditions has come to light in Avaregunda village in Siddapur.

Pravin (13), the youngest among the three children of H P Harish and Leelavathi, is a special child. While children of his age go to schools, Pravin without a shred of cloth on his body stares at the surroundings with his leg tethered to the house with the help of a lengthy rope like an animal.

According to his parents, they had no other option left other than tying their son’s leg to the window of their house.

Pravin grew up normally like any other child of his age. But, he soon developed self-destructive tendencies as he grew up and his activities became abnormal. The doctors had declared that he was a special child after treating Pravin.

If his parents dress him up, he tears off all his clothes. He also throws tantrums while being fed.

“He cannot be left alone. If I left him alone, he would run into the forest and grab everything that he can lay his hands on in order to eat it. We cannot leave him alone as the village is surrounded by thick forest. Hence there is no other way than to tie him up. We do not want to do this, but we have turned our hearts into stone only to save his life,” his mother said while wiping tears from her eyes.

Villagers hope that someday, the administration will come to the rescue of the family and help the parents by providing treatment to the child. H P Harish and Leelavathi said some officials had visited their house years ago. But they never turned up nor did they recommend any assistance from the government to the couple.

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