10 job hunting tips for freshers

10 things a fresher should know before heading out to find a job.
Last Updated 20 January 2019, 14:41 IST

Newbies are keen to find a job as soon as they graduate but only a few lucky ones get placed in high-demand careers. Finding a job for a fresher can prove challenging as well as frustrating.

Here are some tips which will make it easier for beginners to find an apt career.

1. Put efforts to gain practical experience along with studying theory

In the present scenario, where most education systems still follow outdated syllabi framed years ago, students need to thoroughly understand their field of interest and put in self-efforts to gain practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge without any practical experience will not take a fresher anywhere. Theory gives a deeper understanding of the subject but practical knowledge has an added advantage of helping in getting a job.

2. Start developing your contacts and use social media to your advantage

The important thing to know is that many job positions are being filled without any advertisements. It's hard to search for interviews. A referral would be the best possible way to get into a career of one's choice. It's always better to go out and get to know people, develop contacts through social media sites as well and treat every conversation as a potential opportunity to create a path for a job.

3. Make your social media accounts more presentable

Many youngsters make use of social media sites to find jobs. While developing professional contacts through social media, it's very important to clean up one’s social media activity. Optimising online profile for job seeking can actually make it a step easier for freshers to get their dream job. It’s always better to review the privacy settings and if the content is inappropriate, it’s always better to keep it off the internet. Social media profiles play an important role in building one's image.

4. Build a strong resume

It is very important for a fresher to build a strong resume that focuses on accomplishments. It is obvious that a fresher cannot have prior experience but one can always add achievements in college. Education, volunteering, community and team experiences, conferences attended, skills, talents and strong personal traits are pieces of information that can be added to the resume. Don't forget to include personal references as it helps the employers to validate one's abilities easily.

5. Prepare yourself for interviews

Once one has applied for a job, it's always good to be ready with responses for common interview questions. It's better to be prepared for an interview call or a face-to-face interview. The more prepared one is with answers, the more confident he or she will sound and likely to succeed. One could simply talk to a friend and have a mock interview. One could also ask someone who has previously attended an interview and be prepared beforehand.

6. Suggest new ideas at interviews

It's always good to try and be a little different from the rest of the crowd and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Come up with new proposals but it should be in a suggestible tone. New ideas from freshers are always appreciated by many employers.

7. Learn to listen and improve your body language

It's always important to listen before one answers. It's alright to be enthusiastic about the interview but do not forget to be a keen listener. Often, freshers are so keen on conveying a message and creating a flawless image in front of the employer that they forget to listen. It's also important to focus on your body language. Body language makes it evident if you're confident or nervous.

8. Look up for internships and try getting placed in the same organisation

Once done with their graduation, freshers can always take up an internship. In all fields, organisations provide internships to help freshers gain experience. It helps beginners to figure out where they fit in. One can develop contacts in the organisation where they do their internship making it easier to secure a job.

9. Be patient and prepared for a long wait

Sometimes, waiting to kick off with one’s career can take a long time. One can attend an interview, perform well and not get quick feedback. It's always good to stay patient.

10. Give something new a try

One of the most common career advices that people give is 'follow your dreams'. But that doesn't always have to be true. Sometimes, people develop new passions apart from pre-existing ones. If one does come across something that offers a good experience, it's worth giving it a shot. It's not wrong to take up something that's not one's dream job. Even if one doesn't fall in love with it, they can always learn a lot from it.

(Published 20 January 2019, 13:40 IST)

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