A football with a camera inside!

A football with a camera inside!

Technology will get a new meaning in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil as the Brazuca balls to be used in the mega event will come with six in-built HD cameras capturing a 360 degree view of the on-field action.

Encapsulating everything that’s Brazil and its passion for the game, the ball has shades of blue, orange and green, and stars on it reflecting the vibrancy and flair associated with the game.

Talking about Brazuca, Tushar Goculdas, Brand Director, Adidas India said: “The ultimate football tournament comes to the home of football, Brazil. It does not get any bigger than this. The essence of Brazil is represented through the most iconic symbol of the World Cup, Brazuca - the official match ball.”

Brazuca is the 12th ball created by the sportswear giants but its last World Cup creation, Jabulani, which was used in the 2010 competition in South Africa, was heavily criticised for its unpredictability in the air due to its lighter weight.

Adidas, though, claimed that this time the ball will be much better. |

Brazucam is a customised Brazuca official match ball featuring six HD cameras that capture 360 degree view of the action.

The product features custom-made image stabilisation software at the cutting edge of innovation.

It is created by six propeller-shaped polyurethane panels being thermally bonded together.

Between the seams the Brazuca also has a different geometry to different balls, which aerodynamics experts believe, will help it remain more stable in the air.

“We do extensive flight path analysis and the results have shown constant and predictable paths with deviations hardly recognisable,” Matthias Mecking, Adidas football director, had been quoted as saying by BBC.