BCCI has 90 days to hold elections

BCCI has 90 days to hold elections

Once the new body is formed, CoA will hand over the administration to the new set of officers.

With the registration of the new constitution, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has 90 days to hold elections, the Committee of Administrators (CoA) chairman Vinod Rai said here on Monday.

Once the new body is formed as per the Supreme Court orders, Rai said CoA would hand over the administration to the new set of office-bearers. "The BCCI elections will happen in 90 days and that's the deadline we have given ourselves. We would exit the day the new set of office-bearers take over. We were given a mandate and don't wish to overstay,” he told reporters.

Rai made it clear that state associations would also have to adopt the new BCCI constitution. “The constitution is binding on the state associations. The state association constitution should mirror the BCCI one,” he said.

“We are happy with the final order of the Supreme Court. There is a time-line to implement the order and that has been reached after hearing all the stake holders involved. We have not interfered at any time. The order is very clear and we are implementing the judgment to ensure the supervision of administration is in keeping with the SC directions,” he said.

However, some confusion still persists over the tenure of officials in some cricket associations. Rai felt it was best left to the Supreme Court. “Some state units have approached the SC on this issue. It is best for the SC to clarify.”

Rai also informed that new guidelines about the recruitment of players in the new Ranji Trophy teams would be posted on the BCCI website. “We will have uniform guidelines. Also, we have Ombudsmen and Ethics Officers in each association to tackle such issues. We are going to have anti-corruption units in each zone to address complaints of corruptions.”

The CoA officials also batted for inclusion of players in Apex Council. “Two players will have a place in the Apex Council. We need former players to come into administration because their experience can count a lot. The BCCI is so rich because of the performance of the 11 players on the field,” said Rai.