Dipa turns Barbie!

Dipa turns Barbie!

Star gymnast Dipa Karmakar with one-of-a-kind doll presented to her to commemorate Barbie's 60th anniversary in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI

New Delhi: Star Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar has been honoured with a special edition Barbie doll to mark the 60th birthday of its creation.

Dipa is among the 20 women from around the world selected for a special edition Barbie. The list includes Naomi Osaka, Japan's world number one tennis player who recently won the Australian Open, and Kristina Vogel, Germany's track cycling champion.

These role models have been chosen from around the globe in an effort to inspire more girls to thrive in challenging situations.

"She has defied all odds and has inspired a generation of young girls to take up the sport of gymnastics," said the Barbie website on Dipa, who has been a pioneer in Indian gymnastics.