Ducati announces racetrack training in India

Last Updated 28 February 2019, 04:07 IST

MUMBAI: Luxury motorcycle brand Ducati will be officially launching the DRE Racetrack Training Programme in India.

The announcement comes following the recent DRE Racetrack Certification that was held in Thailand, where Gurvinder Singh and Anand Dharmaraj were certified as official DRE Racetrack Instructors, by global DRE Instructors like Dario Marchetti, Technical Director and Instructor Manager for DRE and Alessandro Valia, Official Ducati tester and DRE Instructor who together, have decades of experience when it comes to racing, and training, according to a press statement.

The DRE was born on the racetrack and so it is here that it continues to offer a very important part of the ‘experience’, thanks to the different courses subdivided according to the ability and needs of participants.

The DRE Racetrack focuses on teaching, enjoyment and adrenaline where riders are provided world-class training from the most revered riders on the racetrack, while riding the most beautiful and high-performance bikes in the Ducati Superbike family.

Ducati India aims to bring a part of this programme to India and the training sessions will be spearheaded by Singh and Dharmaraj.

Singh, from Redline Racing, is a multiple time JK Tyre Superbike Championship winner and last year he became the first rider in India to win the Championship on a stock Panigale V4 while riding for the Ducati India team.

Dharamaraj, who is also the chief trainer for Bengaluru based Indimotard TWO track school, has thousands of kilometers on the racetrack under his belt and is also a Ducati certified DRE Riding Academy Instructor, from 2018.

Both the riders went through an exhaustive theory test on day one and underwent complex riding drills on the racetrack on day two before they were finally awarded this certification. With this development in place, Ducati India will not only host more DRE Track Days events but, will also develop one on one training sessions for the Ducatisti, who wish to hone their track riding skills and become more competitive if they wish to race in the Ducati Race cup or the National Championships.

Speaking on the occasion, Sergi Canovas, Managing Director for Ducati India, said “Ducati stands for style, sophistication and performance and nothing justifies our brand values more than seeing a Ducati rider unleashing his bike’s capabilities on the racetrack. It gives us immense pleasure to announce the start of the DRE Racetrack programme, and becoming one of the first luxury motorcycle brands in India to do so. We’re committed towards providing the best adrenaline pumping experiences for our Ducatisti and after announcing the Ducati Race Cup, Ducati India is working hard to develop this sport in India.”

Singh said: “Ducati is currently the only premium luxury brand in India that is seriously working to develop racing in India. Last year, I won the JK Tyre Superbike Championship on a Panigale V4 and now that I’ve become a Ducati certified instructor, it’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to start riding with the Ducatisti and further build their skills in India.”

Dharmaraj said “My relationship with Ducati has been long-standing. After being a certified Riding Instructor in 2018, and recently leading the DRE Off Road Days programme in Bengaluru a couple of weeks ago, the Racetrack certification is extremely special and I look forward to hosting the first DRE Racetrack training session in India soon.”

(Published 28 February 2019, 02:35 IST)

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