This one doesn't go the extra mile

This one doesn't go the extra mile

Sanchari Vijay's performance is the consolation in 6ne Maili.

Film: 6ne Maili

Director: Seeni

Cast: Sanchari Vijay, Krishna Hebbale, RJ Nethra, RJ Sudesh, Dr Janvi Jyothi

Stars: 2.5 stars

There is a big advantage to having a proven performer in a small film. Sanchari Vijay's national award established his acting prowess. He brings an edge to every role he plays. But then, the advantage ends right there. For sometimes, even the best in the business cannot save a weak script.

6ne Maili, from director Seeni, has all the signs of a debut film, albeit for the wrong reasons. If a thriller, which has a run-time of less than two hours, leaves you exhausted, then the film is in trouble.

Seeni tells us a tale of trekkers being murdered in a place called Uppinangady, near Ujire. The police suspect that the maosists have a hand in the killings. The murders of an RJ (Sudesh), dentist (Dr Janvi Jyothi) and a dancer heat things up.

With a murder mystery, though a tested concept, Seeni still had the opportunity to provide something engaging. Instead, due to poor execution, the plot kicks only way into the second half. The first-half is filled with ridiculously long shots (used for character establishment) and there is no two hoot given for the audience's patience.

The cast, comprising mostly newcomers, 'acts' with lack of natural flair evident in their performances. The lazy writing is partly to blame. For instance, when the trio enter a petrol bunk in a car, Janvi asks: "Are we here to fill petrol?" (Why else?). Among the newcomers, Janvi is the best with a nice screen presence and command over her dialogues.

Seeni's direction lacks attention to detail. Picture this: After the murders, Janvi's boyfriend is questioned by the inspector (Vijay). We don't see the pain of losing a beloved in his face as he blurts out answers like a robot!

Even as bodies continue to fall, there is no fear factor as Seeni doesn't indulge in sketching gruesome criminals who could give you the chills. The film finds its footing only when Vijay, as inspector Arjun, decides to nab the killers. Vijay is one of the most controlled actors in the Kannada film industry in the recent times. But Seeni wastes him by giving him a macho shade early on. It just doesn't work for the brilliant method actor that Vijay is.

Seeni's team has fumbled in its first step but there is one positive — they appear like a team with a vision. Next time, however, we hope this vision is matched with fine craft.


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