State Best Teacher Award for Yakub Koyyur

State Best Teacher Award for Yakub Koyyur

Yakub Koyyur

Nada Government High School teacher Yakub Koyyur has been selected for state-level Best Teacher Award for 2018.

Koyyur has been serving in the school for the last 23 years and has the credit of setting up a unique maths lab in his school to make mathematics an easy subject.

‘Maths World’ has all modern facilities including projector, display, LED TV, models, tools, garden, eyeris interactive devices, to make maths simple for high school students. Yakub had mobilised the funds for this through a WhatsApp group and a Facebook page of old students.

Further, he has uploaded maths lessons on YouTube, helping students from across the state in learning maths. To train oneself all one needs to do is visit, and view video lessons on YouTube. There are over 150 videos.

At present, even the Diksha portal of the Human Resource Department is also uploading these videos on their portal. He has uploaded over 4,000 pages of learning material for Class 9 and 10 students on the website.

Apart from winning district-level teacher award, Yakub has won ‘Best Teacher Award’ instituted by Yenepoya educational institution.

He will receive the state award during the Teachers Day celebrations at Bengaluru on September 5.