Adventure buffs explore heritage city from skies

Adventure buffs explore heritage city from skies

An adventure buff gets ready for paragliding, organised by BASE, as part of Mysuru Dasara celebrations, at Maharaja's Cricket Stadium on Monday.

Paragliding, a recreational and adventure sky sport, has emerged as a big hit among Mysureans, and the visitors, who are in the ‘City of Palaces’ to soak in Dasara festivities.

Bengaluru-based Bangalore Aviation and Sport Enterprises (BASE) has organised paragliding as part of Dasara on Maharaja’s Cricket Stadium, in the city.

The eight-minute ride, from take off to landing, is attracting a large number of adventure sport lovers. Hundreds of people, including children, are taking the ride to get a glimpse of the ‘Royal City’ from the sky.

Mahesh Vimarsh, a tourist from Bengaluru, who took a ride, said, it was amazing to see the ‘Royal City’ from the sky. “I have been visiting the city for the past several years, but, for the first time, I am watching it from the sky. One can get a clear picture of the city and it is an amazing experience,” he said.

Shashankgowda of the city said, he found a new Mysuru while paragliding. “I enjoyed the real beauty of the city and the heritage structures,” he added.

A large number of visitors are taking a ride despite high fares. Each ticket costs Rs 1,999 and more than 50 people enjoyed the ride in just one hour on Monday morning.

Avinash, an employee of a private company, who took a joy ride in a helicopter last year, said, compared to heli-ride, the event is a little expensive and the organisers could have increased the duration of the ride.

The people (paragliders) need at least two minutes to overcome initial hiccups and they can enjoy the city only for few minutes.

Paragliding was introduced in the city on October 13, as part of Mysuru Dasara celebrations, on Maharaja’s Cricket Grounds. The event will conclude on October 19, the final day of Dasara, said an organiser.

The district administration has provided necessary facilities and the event is getting overwhelming response from the people, he said.

The organisers have kept three paragliders for the event. The paragliders can fly up to 6,000 feet high, depending on the airflow. Professional pilots fly the paragliders and all necessary safety measures are in place, he added.