Bhagawan springs surprise, praises PM

Bhagawan springs surprise, praises PM

K S Bhagawan

Writer K S Bhagawan, who is always in the news for criticising Hindu gods and Right-wing organisations, has sprung a surprise by praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the revocation of Article 370 of the Constitution.

In a press release issued here on Tuesday, he has gone to the extent of hailing Modi as ‘Jai Narendra Modi’. Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said, it was neither sarcasm nor mockery. “If you project my statement as mockery, it would be a misrepresentation of my intentions,” he clarified.

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The release says, “Modi has brought happiness to the entire nation, by liberating the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who were suffering for the past 72 years, by revoking Article 370. Due to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, the government was unnecessarily spending over Rs 8 crore per day, on providing security. Now, the funds can be used for the welfare of the people. By bringing the whole nation under the same Constitution, Modi and his government has done a commendable job. The glory of Modi will remain forever, due to this task”.

His letter has been shared by various persons on social media. While some suspect his intentions, some have stated that Bhagawan has done a volte-face, sensing danger. Manjunath Kanyadi said his partners may have cheated him in sharing the commission they used to get from those pelting stones in Kashmir.