Devotion marks Kolaramma Jayanthi

Devotion marks Kolaramma Jayanthi

City deity

Devotion marks Kolaramma Jayanthi

Thousands of devotees thronged the Kolaramma temple since morning for the special pooja for the deity of their town.  

The temple witnesses crowds only on Tuesdays and Fridays. But on Wednesday the crowd was full with devotees since morning.

Kolaramma is worshipped mainly by women, who came here from the city as well as from the neighbouring Gaddekannur, Kondarajanahalli,  Basavanatta, Koodiramasandra, Tamaka, Honnenahalli, Kodikannur, Kamadhenuhalli. They all waited in a queue for their turn to worship the goddess.

Both the inside and outside of the temple was decorated with flowers. Traffic was regulated on both sides of the temple.

A concert of devotional songs by Protatragudda Venkatasindooja swami  from Hyderabad was organised on the occasion.

Special poojas

The special pooja was also held in, Kurubara pete Maheshwaramma temple, Keelarapete Saplamma temple, PC Extention Marikamba temples.

Kolaramma is the presiding deity of the town of Kolar. The Kolaramma temple is thousand years old and built by the Cholas in the South Indian style.

Goddess Parvathi is worshipped as Kolaramma by the people of Kolar. The erstwhile maharajas of Mysore frequently visited this temple to get the blessings of Kolaramma.

The temple itself has beautifully carved statues and designs all done using the abundantly available granite stones.

Another deity of this temple is Chelamma or the scorpion goddess. People believe that by praying at the Chelamma shrine a person will be guarded from scorpion bites by the deity.

Another interesting thing about the temple is the Hundi (in Kannada) or the well which is used to collect money offerings from the people, and it is a tradition to at least put one coin into the small opening on the floor of the temple, which apparently is a large hole dug into the earth, one can still hear the clicking sounds of coins accumulated over hundreds of years.

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