Farmers hold protest in Chamarajanagar

Earlier, they took out a protest from Travellers Bungalow which passed through main roads of the city. They shouted slogans against the government. The protesters alleged that all the successive governments have failed to address the problems of farmers. The acquisition of agriculture land has been going on unabated in the name of development of industries.

The under ground water level depleting in several parts of the district and department concerned has failed to take steps to improve the same.

The borewells sunk by farmers had gone dry and affected agriculture activities.

The government had promised to release water to lakes and tanks from the Kabini river to ease drinking water crisis but nothing has been done. People struggle for  water in rural areas. Rupees 100 crore promised by the government for the permanent drinking water supply is yet to be released.

The Kabini Second phase irrigation project is still on the papers. 

The demands of sugarcane growers for the remunerative prices and uninterrupted power supply are yet to be fulfiled by the government. KRRS District Unit President Mahesh Prabhu, Hasiru Sene District Unit president H P Maheshkumar and others were present.

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