‘Floating’ thermocol eases paddy transplantation work

‘Floating’ thermocol eases paddy transplantation work

Vijay Kundar Ullal with the paddy seedlings being grown on thermocol boxes.

Several farmers have come out with unique methods to solve the problem of shortage of labourers in the farming sector. Here is a farmer in Senarebail in Ullal Uliya who has reduced the paddy transplantation period from 30 days to 10 days.

Normally farmers grow paddy seedlings on a vacant land, by sowing the seeds. It takes 10 to 15 days for the seedlings to sprout.

Later, it is transplanted to paddy fields, which is a tedious job.

Looking at the shortage of labourers, Vijay Kundar Ullal has come out with a simple technique. He grows paddy seedlings on old thermocol boxes. The thermocol boxes are placed in the paddy field. Once the seedlings are ready, it is transplanted to the paddy field.

“I have been following the technique for the last two years and received good yield,” said the farmer.

He owns 80 cents of paddy field and uses 50 thermocol boxes measuring 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide go grow the paddy seedlings.

The seedlings are removed from the floating thermocol boxes and are transplanted to the paddy fields. It is a simple process and saves time, feel labourers.

Under this technique, seedlings do not get spoiled and weeds do not grow in between them, feels Kundar.

Kundar also cultivates vegetables on the terrace using organic manure. He also provides guidance to those who are engaged in growing vegetables on the terrace and supplies manure to them as well.