No CCTV cameras in KSRTC bus stand in Chikkamagaluru

No CCTV cameras in KSRTC bus stand in Chikkamagaluru

Buses parked at KSRTC bus stand in Chikkamagaluru.

Though over 50,000 passengers commute from the KSRTC bus stand in Chikkamagaluru daily, there are no CCTV cameras installed for the safety of the commuters. 

Chain theft and pickpocketing by alcoholics and miscreants have been creating problems for the commuters daily.

Without the CCTV cameras, miscreants cannot be nabbed for their mischievous acts. The incidents of assault on former ZP member Arekudike Shivanna and a mentally ill woman at KSRTC bus stand have created fear among the commuters. The bus stand is always filled with commuters with the buses leaving for destinations such as Dharmasthala, Subrahmanya, Sringeri, Kalasa, Horanadu and other religious places. 

On the lack of safety, IDSG College student Poornima said, “I hail from Mudigere. I travel to Chikkamagaluru daily. The menace of thieves is on the rise in the bus stand. In addition, miscreants create nuisance at the bus stand. One needs to be cautious.” 

Kadur merchant Subrahmanya said, “There is no safety at the bus stand.” 

Furthermore, stains of pan masala adorn the walls of the bus stand and alcoholics and destitutes also create a problem for daily commuters. 

“There is a need to install CCTV cameras to check crimes in the bus stand. The police personnel should be deployed near the bus stand during night hours,” said a
KSRTC staff member. 


KSRTC Chikkamagaluru division DC Anil Kumar said, “We have written to the KSRTC detailing the need for installing CCTV cameras. The recent incidents of assault have also been mentioned in the letter. There is a need to instal 12 CC tv cameras in the bus stand.”