Unkempt Tamaka a blot on Kolar

Unkempt Tamaka a blot on Kolar

Tamaka situated on the right side of the National Highway 4 has turned into a dump yard with none of the elected representatives and authorites to heed their problems.
Known as AK Colony and the majority of the residents coming from the poor economical background, have none to heed their problems.

Stone slabs make for roads and sewerage water flows on the roads. The narrow and congested lanes filled with foul smell emanating from the stagnant water and heaps of garbage.

Some of the residents add to the woes by turning the roads into cow shed at night.
Visitors to the gram panchayat library located at a few metres away can’t even read due to the odour assaulting their nostrils.

The residents blame corporator of their ward Lalbahadur Shastri for neglecting the development of the area. The elected representatives have not addressed our complaints on irregular supply of drinking water, lack of cleanliness, bad condition of road and other issues.

N Suresh, Nagaraj, V Venkateshappa, Krishnakanth, T M Venkataswamy, Shank-
arappa, Parvatamma, Anjinamma and Ravi allege that the city municipal council pretends to clean the area when the media higlighted the issue and only for a few days the area looks clean.

Of late, even the ward members have forgotton visit us and even if they come, they come to AD colony which has cement road and comparatively cleaner, said Ravi.

The residents demand that they be given proper facilities such as underground drainage and concrete roads and put in place proper mechanism for disposal of garbage.