Woes galore at Chamarajanagar

Woes galore at Chamarajanagar

The authorities of City Municipal Council are not at all worried to ban sale of cut fruits on roads and kept its eyes closed to umpteen number of push carts selling cut fruits that have mushroomed in the city.

Even though dust and flies gather on cut fruits such as watermelons and papaya, officials and vendors don’t seem to be bothered at all. With no surprise checks by the health department officials, hotels and shops were making customers to drink impure water.

Another glaring problem facing the city is lack of cleanliness. Tonnes of plastic items have choked the open drains, thus becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. While people fear the outbreak of epidemics, CMC had failed to clean the drains.

Adding to the misery is the leakage of water from pipes that enter the city on the Santhemarahalli Road. Even though a tank was built for villagers at Kavudavadi Gate, it is now being used to wash clothes, cattle and humans. Later, garbage keeps adding to the water supply and then distributed to the people for drinking in the city.

Even though Chamarajanagar has been declared district 14 years ago, still work on improving UGD connections and construction of waste water management plants is being undertaken at a slow pace.

Sewage water is entering the nearby Doddarayapet Lake, causing surrounding places to also become polluted.