A-Hango can stave off alcohol hangovers

A-Hango can stave off alcohol hangovers

The Central Food Technologies and Research Institute in Mysuru.

City-based Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) has developed an ingredient that prevents alcohol hangovers. Anti-Hangovers (A-Hango), is a food ingredient prepared from common food material, that keeps a hangover away.

A-Hango has been designed to reduce the amount of acetaldehyde build-up that arises due to the consumption of alcohol. According to scientists, A-Hango is available in the form of dry powder and can be taken during the consumption of alcohol. The powder can be filled in a capsule or can be consumed with food or snacks. A-Hango is a ready-to-be-formulated granular powder, designed to reduce the ill effects of an alcoholic hangover, by countering effects of alcohol by eliminating acetaldehyde. It is obtained through fermentation of a food grade microbe, said a scientist.

According to CFTRI Chief Scientist R Subramanian, A-Hango is in great demand and the technology has been transferred to an industry for Rs 30 lakh. The previous highest revenue through any technology transfer was only Rs 5 lakh, he had said during the inaugural ceremony of CFTRI ‘Open Days’ and ‘Foundation Day’.

By way of absenteeism, lost man-days and low productivities, hangovers cause annual losses of billions of rupees across the globe. Anti-hangover products have a global market, with each country having a huge market size. India has an estimated market size of Rs 3,700 crore.

B V Sathyendra Rao, Principal Scientist and Head, Technology Transfer and Business Development, CFTRI said, the technology was first transferred to Bengaluru-based company in July 2018. The product has evoked a good response during the survey. More than 85% people claimed that they felt that their alcohol hangover was reduced by 90%.