Interstate highway caves in at Madikeri again

Due to heavy rains, the inter-state highway connecting Kodagu to Kerala, has severed, following which vehicular movement on the road has come to a standstill.

The inter-state highway connecting Karnataka and Kerala at Vatekolli on Perumbadi-Makutta road caved in on Monday owing to incessant rains in Kodagu.

The movement of vehicles on Perumbadi checkpost-Makutta check post road has been banned. The vehicles from Kodagu bound to Kerala are travelling on an alternative route - Gonikoppa-Ponnampet-Kutta.

Kodagu Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy said that the an embankment of sacs filled with manufactured sand would be put up on the road to facilitate movement of vehicles.

Makutta state highway had caved in during heavy rain last year.

Lakhs of rupees were spent to repair the road and to construct a protective wall. But, the repaired road too, is damaged due to incessant rain from the last two days, the local residents said and blamed poor quality work for the damage.


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