'Kannada Kayaka Varsha' to promote language in public

'Kannada Kayaka Varsha' to promote language in public spaces

At a time when there are heated debates on ‘Hindi imposition’, the state government has decided to observe this year (Nov 1, 2020 to Oct 31, 2021) as ‘Kannada Kayaka Varsha’, to promote usage of Kannada in government and public spaces.

While the government’s language policy makes it mandatory to use Kannada in official communication, this programme would ensure its implementation. The programme would be effective for a year, in retrospect from November 1, this year. 

In a circular, Chief Secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar has directed all government offices to ensure that their official communication, files and drafts are in Kannada. 

Government apps should be in Kannada and the state’s digital platform should include Kannada, the circular said. Directions and services offered in government and private hospitals, para-medical institutions have to include communication in Kannada, the circular added. 

The 19-point directions also stated that important roads and public spaces in the state should be named after eminent personalities of the state, apart from ensuring that commercial products fabricated in Karnataka should mandatorily have information in Kannada, too.