'Blend music with education'

'Blend music with education'

 Director of Central Institute for Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysore, Avadesh Kumar Mishra on Thursday suggested the blending of music with education, that has enormous power in controlling and channelising the minds.

Addressing a gathering of experts and budding speech and hearing therapists at an international symposium on ‘frontiers of research on speech and music’ organised by the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mishra said it was essential to adapt music in education.

Elaborating further, Mishra asserted that Indians are not utilising music for constructive purposes like Western nations. It was a natural belief that human beings cannot exist without music, lest they will become unattractive.

Mishra said that teenage problems too could be addressed with music. 

Prof Keikichi Hirose from the University of Tokyo, Japan said that supported by the recent developments of speech synthesis technologies, speech and music are now combined to produce several outcomes, such as singing avatars. Such attempts involving music could be taken to a further level if more emphasis is laid on inter-speech meets.

Entrepreneur T V Ananthapadmanabha from Bangalore described Goddess Saraswati as the mother of both speech and music.