Moneylender arrested for charging higher rate of interest on loan

In a continued crackdown against unauthorised moneylenders extorting innocent people by collecting higher rate of interest, Vidyaranyapuram police arrested a woman at J P Nagar in the city.

Following a complaint from Sumitrabai, the police — led by Inspector G S Raghu — raided the house of Manjula, wife of one Bangara Swamy, aged 29 years, at J P Nagar here recently.

During the raid, the policemen recovered 11 blank cheques and one promisory note from the house.

Manjula was lending loan at 10 per cent rate of interest per month, according to Police Commissioner B Dayananda.

Meanwhile, the city police have booked a total of 199 vehicle riders/drivers and have booked an equal number of cases for using headlights (high beams) in violation of Rule 105 of the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1989.

The police have collected a fine of Rs 19,900 from them, the police commissioner said in a press release.

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